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Too much attack on BJP.

I read ‘The Hindu” everyday. Most of the time on the editorial page, the articles are always criticising the BJP. It is like they have forgotten about the congress. These people calls them fanatics cause they follow the agenda of Hindutva even though they have been told the definition of it. I don’t think this government is suppressing Muslims, they got the votes of Muslims in the UP elections. On the other hand the alliance of congress and SP was playing the vote bank card as always and were defeated.

At least this government dares to make a change in this country. But whatever wrong happens in this country, other parties always blames the BJP. Like the party in Karnataka who accused BJP of Killing of that journalist. And on the other side Mohan Bhagwat was stopped from raising Tiranga and his program was canceled which was supposed to be happen in a government auditorium in West Bengal because he is from RSS which is ally of BJP.

This is not the nature of politics in India. Criticism is okay but useless and meaningless accusation is a low standard of politics.